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UFO’s and the truth.

Unidentified flying objects(UFOs), Unidentified Aerial Phenomena(UAP) have been seen by thousands of people worldwide through out the 20th century - most of which can be explained away as celestial objects, balloons, aircraft, space debris, satellites, test rockets, cloud formations. Sighting of unknown flying craft are not just a phenomena of the 20th century and you may be surprised that many UFO sightings have been recorded much earlier ie. 17th to 19th century’s - well before the concept of flying saucers and cigar shape object became popular and well before the airplane and balloon. The small percentage that cannot be explained with conventional reasoning must be investigated properly and decide if it’s simply unknown or at least admit that there is a technology we do not understand and is far advanced of anything man made.

And by the way UFO’s are not just something interesting that occurred in the 50 or 60’s  - Sightings and investigation of UFO’s are ongoing - but you won’t find anything significant in your local papers or TV news - you have to  find it on the internet and books and keep up to date with “reputable” investigators/authors, otherwise you simply will not have any idea what’s really happening in the world of ufology.

Hardcore ignorant skeptics will use the above mentioned to explain every single recorded UFO sighting regardless of what the facts are. The UFO/extra terrestrial(ET) topic has been extremely well researched and documented since the 1930’s till now. Research on this  topic reveals excellent corroborated eyewitness testimonies with further backing of many declassified top secret military and government documents. Testimonies have been made by very credible Army, Air force, astronaut, civilian and government personal and therefore cannot be discounted.

Is it not very strange that we are sitting on a wealth of information about the most important events mankind has ever encountered but yet most of our scientists, astronomers, investigative reporters and public are silent or ignorant of this area. For decades we have astronomers scanning the skies for signs of intelligent life, making up theories and probabilities that intelligent life might possibly exists and assume advanced extra terrestrials use radio waves to communicate and also assume it would take hundreds or thousands of years to get here. When we make “radio” contact with advanced ET’s it will be because they choose to do so. It is known that the amount of stars and planets in the universe is infinite, therefore only an arrogant fool would  think earth is unique and no intelligent civilizations exist elsewhere.

Scientists and astronomers must get their heads out of their safe text book mindset and investigate the serious research done by many government and civilian UFO research organizations around the world. But to be fair there have been and still are scientists who are involved in top secret military research on extra terrestrials craft and propulsion systems. It is probable that some reverse engineered technology has been gradually disseminated into our commercial/civilian world- which therefore means our technological prowess was not all achieved by human ingenuity.

It is good to be skeptical until one becomes aware of the facts which only comes with research on a topic. It is also important to be extremely skeptical when researching the UFO topic - as there is a tremendous amount of rubbish published on the internet and books.


Why is it we know Jesus existed over 2000 years ago.?

There is no one left alive who has seen him, no  witnesses to interview - yet it is undeniable historical  fact hat Jesus existed. We know this because of ancient records  mentioning Jesus in the Gospels, Buddhist and Hindu  texts , Roman historical records, Koran,  Paul the apostle who had known many people still alive that knew Jesus. Flavius Josephus a Jewish historian recounts "Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man. For he was a doer of startling deeds. And he gained a following both among many Jews and many of Greek origin. And when Pilate at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us, condemned him to the cross.”.

We have enough fragments of information from multiple ancient sources to indicate the high probability  Jesus existed. We don’t need  photos, film or a birth certificate to prove his existence. Isn’t it not strange, there is much more verifiable, reliable research and documentation regarding the UFO topic than there is about Jesus.

From the 1940’s till now many highly credible eyewitnesses have been interviewed. These people have spoken out and in doing so risked their reputation and livelihood for no financial or personal gain. They  have witnessed extra terrestrial craft at close range or have been involved in recovery, reverse engineering and  guarding of these craft.  Photographs , film , radar tracking  recordings and  many official declassified military documents have been released.  All this can be used in a court of law to prove UFO’s/Extra terrestrials  are real and a black government/military debunking strategy exists. There are simply too many credible corroborating eyewitness accounts to ignore.


Recommended investigators and authors on this topic:

Timothy Good

Stanton Friedman - Retired Nuclear Physicist.

Linda Moulton Howe
















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